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Parking is available next to the airport. You can park from one hour up to a few weeks.

Parkerad bil

Prices for short term parking

16 SEK per hour

Prices for long term parking

Up to 9 hours

Day 1-5

Day 6-7

Day 8-11



0 SEK/24H

40 SEK/24H

Day 12-14From day 15Two WeeksAfter two weeks
0 SEK/24H20 SEK/24H710 SEK140 SEK/Week


Registration and payment using a ticket

Drive up to the gate located at the entrance to the parking lot. Push the button to get a ticket. When you take your ticket the gate will open and you can drive into the parking lot. The ticket notes the date and time of your arrival. Take the ticket with you on your trip, you will need it in order to pay upon your return. Should you lose your ticket you will be billed an administrative charge of 100 SEK. You can pay in the parking automat located in the arrivals hall. You can use cash or a creditcard.

Exiting the parking area

When you have paid and your ticket has received a stamp you will need to use it at the parking exit. The gate will raise and you can exit the parking lot. Please keep your paid ticket, it is also your receipt.

Registration and payment using credit cards

You can also use a credit card in the machine which will register the time of your arrival and date. When you use a credit card no ticket is issued. Upon leaving the parking area you must use the same credit card as you did when you arrived. After swiping your card on exit your parking time ends and the cost is deducted from your account.



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Sundsvall Timrå Airport

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